Zach Magot


My name is Jeremiah Smith and I am a young potato farmer who decided to help in the war. I chose to be Patriot in the revolutionary war after long debate, because of their determination and strong strategies. They have everlasting persistence shown through the fight they put up when all the acts and taxes were enforced upon them. The first example is shown in the tea act. Us colonists drink tea one or more times a day and it gets shipped all over. The British are in debt, so they decided to put taxes on our tea. The taxes cost us lots of money, so we began to fight back. The British got scared and lowered the taxes, so that we would be less mad but still have to give them money. We realized this and fought back again by dumping the tea in harbor and boycotted it. Because of this the British gave us more taxes with the stamp act and townshend. Again we stayed determined and fought back until both those acts were repealed. All these examples show one of the reason I joined the patriots, through all these things we kept fighting and finally got rid of the taxes instead of letting the British rule over us and give them all our money. The next reason i became a patriot is because of their unique, yet sufficient fighting tactics. I know we will win the war because of our great generals and hit and run techniques. When the British line up in their rows of people we run by and shoot them,  then escape before they can shoot back. If they chase us we have a trap of people hidden with loaded guns so when they are running and not looking to shoot we kill them all. It is risky because they might see us but it pays off big.. So overall those are the reasons why i became a patriot and you should too.



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